Welfare Contacts for FND Sub Branches

A wide range of welfare services and support is offered to our members in the Far North Districts. If you are in need please contact any of the TIP trained welfare officers listed on the Sub Branch pages.


Code of Ethics


The Training Information Program (TIP) is a Federal Government funded training program jointly conducted by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and ex-service organisations. The object of the Program is to train persons in how to assist members of the veteran community to seek benefits from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, access other benefits and facilities in the general community, and provide information in relation to pension and welfare inquiries.


The National TIP Committee has endorsed this Code of Ethics for adoption by practitioners trained under the program, including pension and welfare officers, advocates and others who assist the veteran community. Such persons have a responsibility to maintain a high standard of ethics in order to safeguard their own integrity and to protect the interests of veterans and their families.


TIP trained persons will:

 -  Give full, accurate and truthful information to veterans and their families in relation to pensions, benefits and services and, when asked, will provide an honest assessment of the prospects of success of a claim based on their knowledge and experience;

 - Encourage veterans, their families and others to give full, accurate, truthful and relevant information when applying for pensions, benefits and services;

 - Act only on the veteran’s or dependant’s instructions in relation to action to be taken in respect of a claim or application for pension or benefits, or access to services;

 - Ensure that all contact with members of the veteran community, staff of government agencies, providers of services and the general community is conducted in a professional manner;

 - Ensure that all available relevant details and documents are submitted with claims and applications for pensions, benefits and services;

 - Only undertake work to the level at which they have been trained and have demonstrated competence;

 - Maintain and expand their knowledge base by further training and by seeking advice from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs or other service providers;

 - Recognise that Commonwealth Government employees are bound by the porovisions of the Freedon of Information Act and Privacy Act, in providing access to information about veterans and their families, and act in a manner that does not compromise this responsibility;

  - Keep personal information secure and not disclose such information to others without express consent; and

 - Promote the interests of the veteran commmunity by communication openly and honestly with the Department of Veterans' Affairs and other service providers, and by complying with requests for information.