FND Meet & Greet with State Board

Far Northern District is proud to announce that the District has been chosen as the first to hold the State District Presidents and State Board meeting outside the Brisbane area.

The meetings will be held on 22/23 July 2016 at the new FND offices 134 Grafton street Cairns. As a lead into the meetings, FND has changed the venue of the monthly meeting to be held at the new office on the Tuesday prior to the State meeting.

This will enable FND to hold a meet and greet function which will allow all Sub Branches to socialise with members of the Board and its hierarchy. Following on the next day will be an open form with the Directors.

The new offices located at 134 Grafton Street Cairns were occupied from 22 June 2016. These offices also house the PAWS personnel in Cairns.

Any member visiting Cairns is most welcome to call in and discuss any issues they wish.


July 21 - FND Meet & Greet with State Board - 6:00 PM

July 22 - Open forum with State Board - 8:30 - 11:00 AM

July 22 - State Districts Presidents meeting

July 23 - State Board meeting

July 24 - QUSAC meeting

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