TS Endeavour looking for more staff

TS Endeavour is looking for more ex-service personnel who would like to come on board and assist as staff members.

With 60 cadets and growing, they are finding is difficult to manage all these teenagers with the limited number of staff on hand.

The Australian Navy Cadets (ANC) is la leading provider of youth development experiences, sponsored by the Royal Australian Navy and aims to build teamwork and leadership skills in young people through exciting and rewarding adventure and maritime activities and quality learning opportunities.

Being a cadet with the ANC allows them to make new friends and be part of a team that values them. The ANC also allows you to experience challenges that develop their potential as a leader.

Adventure and fun are the key ingredients for all camping, water sport and team challenge activities. The ANC will teach them how to sail, navigate and gain skills in everything from information technology, communications, cooking, first aid to drill, seamanship and many more exciting activities.

Becoming an ANC staff member is equally challenging and rewarding Cadet Officers and Instructors are volunteers with a keen interest in working with and developing the youth of Australia. Just add water for fun, adventure and friendship. The Australian Navy Cadets have oceans of it.

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