Our services are provided free to all veterans, former and current members of the ADF, their dependents, eligible members of the reserve force and cadets, and also members of the State and Federal Police who served on certain peace-keeping missions You do not have to be a member of the RSL to obtain these services. These services are provided by volunteers trained in all levels of Pension and Advocacy.

We can provide advice and prepare initial claims for disability pension or compensation under the relevant legislation

  • Veterans' Entitlement Act 1986 (VEA)

  • Safety Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA)

  • Military Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA)

We can advise and assist with applications for review or reconsideration under relevant legislation.

We can prepare and present cases for review before the Veterans' Review Board (VRB) and in certain circumstances before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).


Why should a person make a claim?

A claim should be made:-


  • To ensure full medical cover for any condition that is as a result of service.

  • To receive adequate compensation and/or rehabilitation.

  • To ensure that your dependents are taken care of.


Team Leader Phil Watson is your District Advocate. You will see him on the Cairns RSL Sub Branch team. He is available to all Sub Branch Executive and or Pensions Practitioners to assist and advise when requested. He can be contacted on 07 4051 5254 or by email

 FND Sub Branch Welfare


Phil Watson is a former RAEME (Army Aviation) Warrant Officer with twenty two years service, including two tours of Vietnam with 161 Recce Squadron. He was seconded to the RAAF for three years and after leaving the Army worked for three years at HMAS Cairns thus giving him exposure to all three services. He is a senior pensions officer and level two Advocate.



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